Thursday, April 25, 2013

AxelaCare Finds Harvest Home

Harvest bounty

Founded in 2008, AxelaCare has been on a quick pace to becoming one of the country’s leading home infusion therapy providers.  Therapies provided range from immune globulin (IG) therapy to antibiotics and nutrition therapy.  Investment from Excellere Partners in 2010 aided AxelaCare’s innovation and tremendous growth - 30-40% per year.
AxelaCare’s management team and New York-based Harvest Partners, LP recently completed the acquisition of the company from Excellere.  Harvest’s senior managing director, Ira Kleinman noting, 
“The company’s [AxelaCare] investment in processes, technology and people has led to an efficient, scaleable model with opportunity for continued growth as a larger share of the population seeks access to these vital services.”  

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trading for Healthcare Services

It’s an old practice...that enjoys renewed interest in tough economic times.'s a cost containment strategy - on that is appealing to more small businesses to address the current healthcare conundrum.  According to a director of a national bartering service organization,
“We’ve seen growing demand over the past five or six months for healthcare services...”  
The same executive noted, Bartering is being used to offer or get primary medical care visits, dental work, chiropractic services, a number of specialty medical procedures and prescription and pharmaceutical goods."  
Bartering...It has survived the test of time and can benefit both the provider and small business owner.  Read more about the process and how several dentists have used the concept.  
What do you bartering healthcare services a viable option for your practice?

 Source:  Healthcare Finance News

PE Investment in Healthcare Svcs

Media and information giant Thomson Reuters offers a glimpse of 2012 private equity activity in healthcare:
PE invested $4B in Medical / Healthcare services.

Key points for the Medical and Healthcare Services sector:
- Almost $4B in PE investments made in 2012.
- While 2012 lags 2010 (>$6B invested); was better than 2011. 
- Received more than 16% of PE monies (Biotech and Pharma each garnered >20%)
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Source:  Thomson Reuters

      Monday, April 15, 2013

      COMING SOON: Diagnoses and Drugs at a Walgreens Near You

      Thumbs Up or Down for Take Care Clinic Expanded Services?

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      Walgreens  and its Take Care Clinic is taking another step into the primary care doctor’s space.  The network of retail store clinics will “expand its health care services to include diagnosing and treating patients for chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes and high cholesterol.” 
      Nurse practitioners teamed with physician assistants will conduct tests, make diagnoses and referrals (more tests and doctors, as needed) and help patient manage their conditions. 
      The initial reaction from several of the professional physician organizations is “Thumbs Down”.   A key concern is patient safety – with the addition of another primary care provider, can continuity of care be assured?  According to a Walgreens executive, Take Care Clinic staff will be able to transmit test results and info electronically to a patient's primary care physician.  Read more
      What do you think...Is Walgreens overstepping the retail clinic’s boundary of care?
      Source:  Kaiser Health News  

      Friday, April 12, 2013

      Steady Healthcare Hiring Continues

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      Healthcare continues to be a bright spot when it comes to US employment.  The industry added 23,400 jobs in March and 295,000 over the past 12 months.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers reveal that jobs in ambulatory healthcare services exceeded other healthcare sectors with an increase of 15,000.  Home healthcare services - within the sector, added 6,800 jobs.  Hospital employment also rose in March.

      Thursday, April 04, 2013

      Increase Your Bottomline with More ABC's

      PT Credentials Can Pay-off
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      Differentiation.... is a key marketing tenet that transcends industries and is an equally important strategy among healthcare practice owners as for consumer goods product managers. 
      In the PT world, a key way to differentiate is through specializing and attaining certification.   While earning credentials expands the staff professionally, it also adds to a practice financially.  Certification enhances credibility among referral sources and... typically, leads to a larger patient base.  In other words, the extra effort pays off, literally.
      The American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, part of APTA, already oversees 8 specialty certifications with current consideration to add acute care, oncology, occupational health and wound care.  Other organizations coordinate certification for other notable specialties:
      • Hand Therapy 
      • Stroke Rehabilitation
      • Aquatic Therapy 
      • Astym Treatment