Thursday, April 25, 2013

AxelaCare Finds Harvest Home

Harvest bounty

Founded in 2008, AxelaCare has been on a quick pace to becoming one of the country’s leading home infusion therapy providers.  Therapies provided range from immune globulin (IG) therapy to antibiotics and nutrition therapy.  Investment from Excellere Partners in 2010 aided AxelaCare’s innovation and tremendous growth - 30-40% per year.
AxelaCare’s management team and New York-based Harvest Partners, LP recently completed the acquisition of the company from Excellere.  Harvest’s senior managing director, Ira Kleinman noting, 
“The company’s [AxelaCare] investment in processes, technology and people has led to an efficient, scaleable model with opportunity for continued growth as a larger share of the population seeks access to these vital services.”  

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