Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Anne Arundel Dermatology Adds Another...

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Provides services in MD, VA, TN
After its recent second quarter acquisition, Anne Arundel Dermatology Management (ADM) continues on the acquisition and integration trail.  In early July, ADM CEO Scott Mahosky announced a partnership with Virginia Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center PLLC (VAD).  Founded by Dr. Brian Johnson, the acquisition of VAD adds 4 locations in the Norfolk/Newport News area to ADM, a portfolio company of New MainStream Capital.  With the addition of Dr. Johnson' s practice and skilled staff,  Anne Arundel Dermatology Management now provides support services to 44 clinic locations across three states (MD, VA, TN) with over 120 providers.”  >>Read more

Don't Leave Your Business to Chance...

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Summer 2018:  Sports Fan Heaven
It’s been a Sports Fan Heaven over the last few months…with the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, French Open, Indy 500, World Cup, Baseball’s regular season and so on...  
Clearly, in the ultimate Land of Chance, casino operators would never leave their future to chance and neither should you, as a business owner.

Did all the play-by-play overshadow the Supreme Court’s reversal of the ban on sports gambling or is it no big deal to Nevada? According to Las Vegas sport book director, Jay Kornegay, “...We've been preparing for this decision for a very long time."

Since it's likely that selling your business is somewhere in your future, just a reminder –
Don’t Rely on Luck to Hit Your Payday.  Plan Ahead. 

1) Get a Valuation  – It's a starting point for setting and increasing company worth.
If you nix a Valuation at this point, consider an assessment tool that offers general insight to how your business is doing.  
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Get Your Score

Head to our website for the Value Builder tool or Click here to Get Your Score. The assessment takes 15 minutes to complete and there's No Charge.

2) Don’t Go It Alone – Pick Your Team (business broker, accountant, lawyer) for unique insight and advice during the selling process. They’ll review your business, pinpoint issues, coach you on fixes. And, the enhanced value of the deal will outweigh their fees.
3) JUST DO IT  NIKE SWOOSH Implement Advisor Suggestions.  It's a sure bet that an increase in your revenue and/or profit will attract qualified potential buyers at a premium price.

Don’t leave your business to chance.  You can count on us for honest advice and critical guidance when you're ready to sell.  Call Us at 610.527.8400.