Monday, December 21, 2015

FastMed Steps into Texas

FASTMED's partnership last Spring with private equity firm ABRY was expected to spur the urgent care operator's growth with an influx of capital and management talent.  Hats off to FastMed for its initial foray into the Lone Star State with the December acquisition of Texas Urgent Care.  As one of the fastest growing urgent care organizations, FastMed added Texas Urgent Care's 14 clinic locations in the Austin, San Antonio, Tomball and Waco metropolitan areas.  

Former Texas Urgent Care owner, Dr. Ashish Singhal noted a shared commitment to high quality patient care and is "…excited to develop the preeminent urgent care platform across Texas." 
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FastMed Partners with ABRY - Expansion Expected

Pediatric Therapy Owners Now Have Exit Strategy Options

The pediatric therapy healthcare sector is comprised mainly of therapists or owners who operate 1-2 centers.  Their options to retire, sell their practice and monetize what they had nurtured for years were very limited.  While big therapy companies were primarily interested in acquiring adult practices, financial investors could not see a clear path to a return on investment.

Now, like many newer industries, the pediatric therapy sector has evolved into a bigger, more mature enterprise.  Consolidators and investors alike have a newfound respect for this specialty.  

So, is this good news for a pediatric therapy owner?... a resounding YES!

First: owner's options to sell the business, add to their retirement nest egg and transition the practice into "good hands" have increased.

Second: the value of their practice has probably increased substantially.   Pediatric therapy has always been highly respected by the healthcare community and now with the respect of the financial world - it is a very good thing.

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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

ATI Adds NE to Footprint

ATI Physical Therapy logoTwo successful Massachusetts PT practices recently joined the growing ATI family.  The nationwide rehabilitation provider announced the acquisition of Sports & Physical Therapy Associates (SPTA) and Attain Therapy + Fitness in early December.  ATI, now boasts over 500 locations and offers "Bay State" patients over 30 rehab locations.  >>Read more

Friday, December 04, 2015

2016 Healthcare Predictions

Crystal Ball
Fortune Magazine writers don't pretend to have a crystal ball but they do have a few interesting predictions for the healthcare industry.  Here's a peek:
  • FTC will block a major hospital merger.
  •  Major hospital system will divest itself from its  employed doctors.
  • Employers start to treat healthcare costs as seriously as travel expenses.  
Now, look at the rest.