Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quick Look Back...

A few months ago, the MT Consulting newsletter featured the thoughts of investment banker John Slater from FOCUS.  His article in the March, 2013 FOCUS newsletter pointed to an expected rise in company valuations in 2013.   His words also caught the attention of blogger Billy Frank at Axial, a technology company that offers an online marketplace connecting people, information and capital.  Yesterday’s Axial post recognized Mr. Slater’s words...and those of others in 17 Must-Read M&A Quotes from 1H 2013.  Take a look!
"The next 12-18 months will almost certainly be a highly favorable period for business exits.  If this proves to be a cyclical market top, the next favorable period for businesses owners wishing to sell may not come around before the 2020s.  In 2020 today’s sixty six year old Baby Boomer will be seventy-three and today’s fifty eight year old will be sixty five and studying Medicare options.” ~ John Slater

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