Sunday, July 14, 2013

Retail Clinics Continue to Roll Out

Up 7% percent (as of July 1) - that's the growth of retail clinics year over year, according to Merchant Medicine, a consulting firm in the field of walk-in medicine. 
Today, the total number of retail clinics is over 1400 in 38 states and Washington, D.C.* and the upward trend will continue.  Evidence is the recent announcement by CVS, Minute Clinic's owner, of their plans to double locations by 2016 from 570 to 1000.  
Not surprising…
After all, a Forbes article points to the fact that retail clinics are expected to be a key component of Obamacare when it kicks in next January (2014) -  either through a private health plan operating on an exchange or through Medicaid health insurance programs for the poor.  Read more>> 
Solid ground…
Healthcare's walk-in side must be doing something right.  An editor at Physicians Practice, suggested in a blog post that traditional practices could learn a few things from retail clinics.  During a recent visit, she was impressed with the walk-in's "cleanliness and efficiency in handling patient intake, prescription list, insurance information and payment all by one person."  Another important point, her "care-coordination was equally smooth".    

*Convenient Care Association

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