Thursday, July 25, 2013

Do Well by Doing Good

Community Marketing - it's smart marketing for local businesses… 
It raises your profile and elevates your reputation in the community.  And, that's a good thing if referrals and foot traffic are important.  So, how to?

According to Dr. Roger Levin from the Levin Group...
  • Create an annual High-Visibility Event that benefits the community.
  • Choose a Good Cause and "Own" it. 
  • Involve your entire team to identify a local need and fill it.
  • Keep the staff engaged so all have a stake in event success. 
Possibilities:  food drive for local food bank, fundraiser for nonprofit

Make the event memorable and worth repeating year after year:
  • Think creatively
  • Pay attention to details
  • Create a timetable
  • Assign responsibilities 
  • Meet deadlines  
Enjoy Your event, the community connections and a job well done!

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