Monday, September 17, 2012

Got Ideas?

Last week we highlighted some ideas generated in brainstorming sessions at the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation conference.  With idea in hand...or on sticky note, as it may be,  what’s the next step?  Enter...Society of Physician Entrepreneurs. 

This professional group offers “a networking and education platform for healthcare providers who want to commercialize their innovations” according to Jeffrey N. Hausfeld, a co-founding member of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs.  The group, a physician led non-profit member organization (, has a LinkedIn group siteIt was founded in 2011 and expects to exceed 5000 members in 20 chapters by year end. 

SoPe’s assistance and guidance (education, networking, funding) primarily benefits entrepreneurs focused in the following areas:
  1. Devices, Drugs and Diagnostics -- utilized in patient care or marketed direct to consumer
  2. Medical Services -- addressing cost, efficiency, quality, availability 
  3. Health care IT and Telemedicine Products and Services

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