Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Cloud - Ready for Take Off in Healthcare

Despite privacy and regulatory concerns that have restrained its use to date, cloud computing in the health care industry is on the rise. MarketsandMarkets, in a recent research report, forecasted the health care cloud computing market to reach $5.4B by 2017, a compounded annual growth rate of 20% (vs. 4% in 2011). This global estimate encompasses use in clinical (e.g.: EHR, software imaging, physician order entry) and non-clinical (e.g.: patient billing, claims management) applications.

Essentially, cloud technology enables users to use the Internet from anywhere to access computing capabilities and data hosted in another location, as opposed to onsite. The cloud enables hospitals, clinics, practitioners to share patient data across various settings and geographies to improve and expedite patient diagnosis and treatment. On the business side, it allows an IT staff or department to increase performance of their IT infrastructure while decreasing costs. >> Read more

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