Friday, April 14, 2017

Are you Ready to Sell?

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One of our clients paid us a compliment...and it MADE OUR DAY!

 MT Consulting was instrumental in evaluating and packaging our business to create overall value.  Your ability to keep us focused, prepare us for due diligence, and lead us through the process was critical for us to have a successful transaction. This expertise resulted in a great deal, and great relationships moving forward..."   
  ~ Owners of a Large, Multi-site Service Business 

So, what helped to prepare our client for a smooth, successful transaction?  We believe it was our commitment and their buy-in to Seller Due Diligence.  

What is Seller Due Diligence?...  an outside analysis of a Seller’s financial and operational info conducted from a buyer’s perspective prior to marketing a business. (We're experts at performing seller due diligence. In fact, it's a core service provided for our clients.)

During the process, our goal is to verify the accuracy of key business data as well as uncover, correct and/or address any potential buyer concerns upfront.  Also, we often identify adjustments that positively impact business profit. In general, the transparency is appreciated by buyers and works to diffuse issues that could delay or derail a transaction.

Benefits of Seller Due Diligence
  • Increased Buyer Confidence
  • No Surprises during "buyer due diligence"
  • Prepared & Well-packed Data for "buyer due diligence"
  • Accelerated Closing
  • Enhanced Offer
We’ve been involved in M&A for over 25 years – on the buyer and seller side.  While there are a number of factors that attract a buyer, buttoned-up and prepared sellers are likely to get the greatest attention and a better deal.  Reach out if You're Ready to Sell and would like to better position your business for the best deal. 

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