Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A Win for Bernie..A Clinic for ADCS

ADCS Clinics Logo
The dominant Derm platform in the U.S., ADCS Clinics, went back to Michigan for its latest acquisition - Western Michigan, this time.  
Dr. Gerald Karabin, owner of Kalamazoo Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center, joins the ADCS professional team.  Dr. Karabin has distinguished himself in surgical and cosmetic dermatology as well as a clinical researcher.
This latest acquisition continues the build out by ADCS in the Great Lakes State.  Over the past few years, the company has acquired several Michigan-based practices including Grekin Skin Institute, Dermatology Associates of Northern Michigan, Bay Area Dermatology.  Florida-based ADCS, founded in 1989 by Dr. Matt Leavitt, offers over 142 service locations in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest and West.   >>Read more

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