Monday, November 17, 2014

And Then There Were Two...

The Chicago metro area is home to roughly 9.5 million people who deal with their share of weekend warrior pains, weather aches or chronic health issues.  Fortunately, there’s an abundance of physical therapists and clinics to address such health concerns.  Interestingly, three of the country’s largest PT platforms also call Chicago home – Athletico, Accelerated and ATI.  While each platform is well entrenched in the area, they have all successfully expanded their footprint beyond the Windy City.
Athletico + Accelerated logos
Recent news comes that Athletico and Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers are combining efforts...  An enhanced service level to patients is expected along with a bump up in status among the industy’s top companies.  The larger organization will be led by Mark Kaufman from the Oak Brook, IL headquarters.  >>Read more

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