Monday, April 07, 2014

Telemedicine Interest Surges

Telemedicine is gaining a stronger foothold in the U.S. healthcare ecosystem thanks to its lower cost to patients, employers and insurers.  With the advent of smartphones and tablets…this healthcare delivery option is getting recognition as a time-saver too.

A greater number of large employers are covering telemedicine costs - an increase from 12% to 17% in 2013, according to HR consultancy Mercer.   Even more striking is the spike in interest among companies considering telemedicine coverage - from 33% to 43%.  The American Telemedicine Association CEO, Jonathan Linkous noted, "Telemedicine is increasing access, improving quality and decreasing costs…"  View the map for the number of states legislating telemedicine coverage.
Map of states that require insurers to cover telemedicine
How will the increased interest in telemedicine impact primary care physicians, urgent care centers, ERs?  Not.  With the influx of 7.1M newly insured Americans, it's likely that these traditional providers will continue to have a steady stream of patients.  What do you think?   >>Read more
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