Monday, October 07, 2013

PE healthcare deals ▼ 65%

The healthcare sector has been lackluster when it comes to its share of PE deals in 2013, according to Thomson Reuters data. 

Check out 2013 vs. 2012 activity
(Jan 1 - Sept 11):
2013:  268 deals valued at $5B
292 deals valued at $14.26B

A principal at The Riverside Company, Joseph Ibrahim, offers a differing perspective on this year's healthcare deal activity.  That is, middle-market M&A activity has not experienced a significant decline.  In fact, Ibrahim reveals "…[In terms of healthcare M&A], it was one of the strongest June, July and August [periods]."

Ibrahim's middle-market industry insight suggests there is a "backlog of deals that will come to market".   Certainly, that activity would demonstrate continued strength in this healthcare segment.  >>Read more

What triggered the overall healthcare PE deal slowdown in 2013?  Was it Obamacare uncertainty, "hangover effect"  from 2012, or...?  Let us know your thoughts.

Source:  PE Hub

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