Friday, May 17, 2013

Start New Managers on Road to Success

Road to Success
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It happens in many businesses... management identifies a good employee and promotes them into a leadership role (e.g.:  manager, supervisor, etc.).  While “promoting from within” is a noble practice, there’s more required of management than changing a title and adjusting salary.  

Paul Spiegelman, CEO of BerylHealth suggests that preparation is key to turning a good worker into a great manager. Consider Spiegelman’s “Must-do” list to set your newly promoted leader on the path to success:
  • Give them a mentor for a period of time.
  • Invest in either internal or external training.
  • Guide them in how to be an example to others.
  • Teach the difference between management and leadership.
  • Check in often to help them with new issues they'll deal with.
  • Make sure they enjoy the new role.
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Source:  Inc. Magazine

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